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Rekey locks when keys are lost

What's the point of replacing the same keys if they might have been stolen or found by the wrong person? By rekeying locks you can be sure that a new key will be made and no one will be capable of intruding your property. You can rely on Locksmith Sun Valley for key change and lock rekeying.

Make sure windows provide security

Windows are excellent entry points for burglars. So, don't underestimate the importance of installing good locks or even security bars if they're found at ground floors and basements. If windows are left open for ventilation, it's wise to get locks which allow them to stay open a few inches thus no one can enter.

Take care of keys

Keys require good care or they won't fit well in the lock tomorrow and they'll break. Such problems will lock you out. Since keys are made of steel, they might rust if exposed to moisture. So, don't keep them in damp places and don't put force when trying to open the stiff door locks or they might break.

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