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Will lock change keep me secure?

New deadbolt installation every few years will certainly reinforce security. This will be the basis of your security. Though, you must also remember to lock all doors and windows. It's also wise to install extra security systems and avoiding making mistakes, like putting keys under doormats.

Should I change the keys my landlord gave me?

Even if the keys and door locks are brand new, lock rekey and consequently key change will ensure security. You never know what happens when the new house keys have been used by several other people in the past. It's better to take precautions.

If I'm locked out of my property, do I need to show identification for you to let me in?

Yes you do. Our service technicians are required to ask you to show proper identification that provides legal proof you are a resident of the address you want us to help you enter. For your protection, the police may be called if you are unable to show us the proper identification or if we suspect you are attempting to enter the premises illegally.

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